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Wild Winter Dance Party (Student)

This is for GCA students ONLY.


If paying for a guest, please use the GUEST option.


This event requires that a permission form be submitted on or before MONDAY, December 11, 2023.


All GUESTS must be approved through the school office prior to the deadline. Guests that attended the previous GCA party (Halloween) are considered [approved] and do not need to again meet with the school administration. Guests are required to stay with their host the entire duration of the party.


Eligibility requirements - 15 family volunteer hours and 5 credits.

Wild Winter Dance Party (Student)

  • All purchases made through may only be made by currently registered and enrolled families on behalf of Gulf Coast Academy students.

    All purchases made through will be reflected on your Family Financial Statement. Physical items such as footwear or apparel will be delivered to your child.

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