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Family Testimonials

“I have been extremely happy with the middle school experience my child has had at GCA. I feel very fortunate and privileged that we are able to be a part of the school. I believe that GCA has offered a positive alternative to mainstream education that has truly enriched my child’s education as well as his personal growth. What he has learned will not only prepare him better for high school, but life as well. I only hope that the school board recognizes GCA for all that they have accomplished and use the school as a model for more charter schools in the county.”


“We feel secure in having our son attend Gulf Coast Academy. He is well cared for and cared about. Thank you. He is continually being challenged academically and is learning a greater role of responsibility.”


“Love the school administration, curriculum, everything is awesome. The knowledge and experiences my son has been exposed to are truly a blessing! Very sad you end at 8th grade.”


“Excellent school, has completely gotten my child interested and engaged in learning. Has also given her more self confidence and improved her social skills. We are very happy she gets to attend this school.”


“This is a wonderful School. I wish we had a high school in Hernando County like this to follow up with.”

“As parents, we are very pleased with GCA and look forward to another successful year. We can’t thank you enough for providing an atmosphere that encourages learning in a fun and positive way.”


“My child has better marks and attitude and has done a full turn around since attending GCA. We are most grateful.”


“My child actually enjoys going to school everyday. She is interested in learning.”


“My child loves going to school because GCA makes learning fun, challenging, and exciting.”


“The teachers and administration really care about my child and encourage him. Unlike any other school, all faculty members make themselves available to kids and parents.”


“GCA is the best school my kids have attended in Hernando County. The staff is great with kids and gives them the utmost respect”

All testimonials are gathered from our anonymous end-of-year parent survey.

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